As a business, velovia develops sustainable cycle infrastructure and cycle tourism concepts with the aim of adding value for everyone involved and making the world a more cycle-friendly place.


With more than ten years’ experience of cycle tourism, we are keenly aware of the needs of everyone involved, from tourists through public authorities to the many businesses that benefit from cycling.

Local knowledge

We’ve visited hundreds of cities and dozens of countries, explored destinations in person, have personal contacts with local hotels, partners and service providers, take enormous pleasure in travel, speak a wide range of languages, can familiarize ourselves quickly with new regions, and much more.


We put together a team of experts to reflect the nature and scope of your project, and get the right external partners involved.


velovia founder Kristof Halasz cycles a lot. He often gets to the end of a cycle path and wonders why more cycle paths aren’t networked. And if the cycleway ends here, why isn’t there a café to provide a quiet spot where you can plan your next trip? And moreover, why aren’t cycle maps up to date?

The answers are obvious: what’s needed is a well-designed concept. And that was the germ of the idea that gave rise to velovia.

The company logo is an extract from a map of Berlin, where velovia took its first steps in business and where the green cycle path runs past Bregenz street. Bregenz is where Kristof learnt to cycle.