for everyone

For everyone

You’ve only really been somewhere if you’ve been there on a bike.

Cycling is healthy, multi-faceted, up-to-the-minute and fun. You can travel alone, as a pair, in a group, fast, slowly, as a sport, for leisure. Cycling has something for everyone, from a short circuit of the park to a round-the-world trip, for a limited budget or a luxury vacation. What all these things all have in common is two wheels – the best way to encounter a country, its people and its culture.

velovia supports everyone, who makes holidays on two wheels. We plan, prepare and connect.

  • A cycling tour through Portugal would be great. What do we need to do to make sure it all runs smoothly?
  • We’re planning a works cycling outing. Where should we go and what program would be best for us?
  • I’d like to cycle through France with my friends. Which routes would be suitable for this?
  • We need detailed maps for our cycle route through Latvia. How do I get hold of them?