The velovia team

The velovia team is made up of freelancers with many different areas of expertise, which allows us to put together the ideal mix of specialists to match the nature and size of each project. Kristof Halasz takes responsibility for project management.

Kristof Halasz

Larissa Zier

Marcin Czerkawski

Emanuel Kofler

Gero Baron

Moritz Andrejewski

Verena Baur

Andrea Künstle

Katharina Radler

Hier ist dein Platz

Kristof has been professionally involved with cycling for over ten years, investigating new routes and looking after people’s cycling holiday needs. Moritz took the term cycling holiday literally when he cycled right across Europe on two wheels in summer 2017. Larissa is also at home in Europe. She is fluent in a number of languages and her extraordinary accuracy and proofreading skills are a valuable asset for velovia. Verena is also often to be found scaling the heights. Whether she’s on a mountain bike or a racing model, no mountain is too high for her and no terrain too complex to be described and mapped in all its exciting detail. Marcin doesn’t only make sure all the maps are in order, he also gives spirited attention to any concerns cyclists may have in Posen. Spirited is also the right description for the way Andrea does her job, helping guests get to know Berlin by bike and using drones to create amazing pictures and videos. You get the best view from up above, you see. And then there’s Emanuel, who is super-organized and always knows exactly what needs doing. Always is Katharina’s watchword, too – no weather is too bad for her to be on her bike, which perhaps goes some way to explaining her surname. Explanation is Gero’s speciality. When he’s not in the saddle, he deals with IT. And if YOU love cycling too and would like to contribute your skills as a freelancer, just drop us a line.