for regions

For regions

Where there’s a will there’s a cycleway.

Cycle tourism can strengthen regions as a whole, and their communities, too. A well-developed cycle tourism sector makes an important contribution to the economy, safeguarding jobs and prosperity as well as enriching local communities. Every single person benefits from cycle tourism and its infrastructure, both directly and indirectly.

velovia knows what cyclists need on vacation and what businesses want. We pull together all the relevant threads and provide your region with tailor-made concepts and support, enabling you to take advantage of this expanding market.

  • What value-added is there for us in cycle tourism?
  • How can we make our town more attractive to cycle tourists?
  • What can we do to encourage more people to cycle to work?
  • How do residents and guests benefit equally from cycling infrastructure?
  • We would like to network and map the cycleways in our region in a meaningful way – how do we go about this?